GME TX675 2W UHF Handheld Radio


GME TX675 2W UHF Handheld Radio
The latest 2W UHF handheld from GME at a great new price!

The TX675 2 watt UHF CB radio is both compact and lightweight with up to 20 hours battery life. This convenient handheld has a flexible antenna, rotary power/volume control and a USB multi-charging system for charging on the go.
Available in both single and twin packs, the twin pack contains a twin desktop charger and 12V vehicle charger.

14 hours operating time using low output power, 10 hours using high output power. Based on 5% transmitting, 5% receiving and 90% waiting mode.

Switchable output power 2/1 watt Microprocessor controlled frequency synthesiser 
User programmable duplex function 
User programmable scan function 
VOX hands free mode 
Dual watch 
477 MHz (UHF CB), 
80 channels 
Power save feature 
High contrast backlit LCD 
Calling tone and roger beep 
Keypad lock 

Supplied with: 
TX675 UHF handheld radio 
Belt clip 
Li-ion rechargeable 1600 mAh battery pack 
USB power supply and USB/Micro USB lead 
Twin desktop charger - (twin pack only) 
USB 12V vehicle charger - (twin pack only) 

NZ$ 99.00 including GST
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