Landcom is a proud service provider to leading vineyards & farms 


We can supply and prewire a farm repeater and send out around the country, so you can install yourself on site. Engineering and licensing can also be arranged. When it arrives it's a plug n' play install. 


We have qualified auto electricians with 30+ years of experience in the repair and installation of:

  • All auto electrical equipment including cameras and LED lighting upgrades and fault funding.
  • Extensive experience with GPS systems.
  • 2 way radio communications including CB radio and telemetry valve, data wireless control and long range radio repeater installs.
  • Air conditioning including gas refills, oil changes and dryer replacement etc. Expert assessment and fault prevention.


With the global demand for food increasing exponentially farmers are turning more and more to technology to maximise the efficiency of their production to cope with demand. GME Australia, manufacturers of world class radio equipment, has identified this and produced solutions that allow the farmer to not only communicate effectively across the whole property but also to control and monitor vital functions as well .With  GME's telemetry system, you can wirelessly monitor and control irrigation, frost damage prevention programmes and security  at up to 99 separate locations across the whole farm from your office. These systems are quite economic to install and represent a huge saving in time. They allow real time management without extensive wiring runs and complex control systems. 


The size and terrain that many NZ farmers operate in it can make it very difficult to keep in contact across the whole farm with cell phones or basic simplex radios.We have designed a system that allows this to be possible at a low cost in comparison to others in the industry.Using a GME radio repeater and a high location on the property we are able to achieve handheld RT radio range of over 35km including coverage in gullies and other difficult radio areas.The benefit to the farmer is that he can maintain contact with staff throughout the whole farm allowing efficient and safe operation with very little cost. The repeater can either be assembled completely on site by us or prewired.